About the Author

My name is Wes Shell, a self-taught software engineer of 20 years.  I first begin writing computer programs in 1992 on an apple IIE computer using apple basic.  Over the years my curiosity and passion for computers, especially programming,  lead me to other languages such as PEARL, VB, PHP, ASP, JAVA, C# and a whole lot of others.  One day I figured out that knowing a lot of programming languages was not going to make me a great programmer!

So what does make a great programmer?  I changed my focus from memorizing as many languages as I could and I started looking at the other things great programmers do.   It was finally when I found myself in the company of many great programmers that I was given the answer I sought.  It’s not about the language, or the technology, or the platform.  It’s about the process.  The methodologies and standards used by great programmers today have evolved over many years.  No wonder programmers that use them are great!

Understanding the Software Development Lifecycle is essential to being a great programmer.  If you can learn this, then you can build software in any language, on any platform.  This is what I learned!  I am far more competent of a programmer because of it.   If it were not for good people and their willingness to share what they learned, I would not be where I am today.  And now I want share what I have learned, and I hope it helps you on your own journey.

— Wesley J. Shell



4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I think that you are a GREAT writer. Not only a good programmer but also an excellent writer. You have a way to communicate that is catchy and keeps the reader interested. So I look forward to reading more from your BLOG. I will keep it bookmarked. I am absolutely new to PHP with some basic procedural programming experience but I look to get into the real OOP world of programming. That seems to be the way.

    Just a heads up, my first computer was an XT. One of those green screens. Then dad bought an Hercules card for another computer. I don’t even know if it was an TK2000 or another XT. Then we jumped to a 286, 386, 486, Pentium I, II, III….it’s been a long way. Technology has evolved a lot over the years. But the next big step is really bringing quantum computers to reality. That would be magical. It is thought that quantum computers will solve most of the math problems that have been unsolved to date.


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